Minot, North Dakota – The place to be!

Minot, ND The place to be!

If you’ve never been to Minot, ND, I recommend visiting. Minot has been uniquely named of “The Magic City”. The name originates from a time in history (late 1800’s) when the town, as a result of the rail road development, grew “magically” overnight. The city began it’s start as a city of tents, and eventually commerce and housing settled by primarily German and Scandinavian immigrants along the mouse river helped to ensure its continued success as a major hub. Minot’s rich history of agriculture, helped to facilitate Minot’s continued growth. From grains to livestock, Minot still continues to be a thriving community as a result of ever expanding agriculture industry. In the early 1960’s Minot, once again magically experienced growth with the addition of Minot Air Force Base. With this expansion, the City of Minot needed to support the demand with increased residential housing and commercial development.

As you travel to the heart of downtown Minot, ND, you’ll find some of the original buildings built during the 1800 and early 1900’s settlement. Recently, in 2015- 2016, all the streets and infrastructure have experienced a major face lift. New sidewalks, water/sewer, electrical, landscaping, new lighting, park benches and much more, has blended the character of the past with the conveniences of today. Two new parking garages have been constructed to support the new growth.

In 2011, the worst flood in the history of Minot occurred. Over 11,000 people were displaced from over 4,000 houses due to the overflowing Mouse river’s inability to retain the tremendous outflow of water. However, a very interesting outcome occurred as a result. The Minot community took care of their residents and offered up their homes, clothing, food and time to assist their fellow citizens. It didn’t matter if the displaced were family, friend or acquaintance. The result demonstrated the true character of the people in the Minot community. A portion of the displaced stayed and rebuilt, others stayed and built elsewhere in Minot and others left. For those who stayed, they experienced another event that magically unfolded. During this same event, the historical Bakken energy exploration expansion unfolded, placing a direct demand on the Minot community. From the flood to the Bakken expansion, new infrastructure, schools, public buildings, residential neighborhoods and commercial buildings rose up and created all new sub communities. With the combination of the air force base, agriculture, energy services, and flood protection the Minot community received new, greatly needed improvements. We are still seeing improvements in Minot to the day I write this article. Plans are underway to build flood protection from the Mouse river along with plans to make the river a friend rather then foe. The river is proposed to offer recreational features like fishing, canoeing and Kayaking in addition to providing walking paths and parks all along its meandering path. The future of Minot, ND is looking great. Come on over and become a part of history!

Although, I am not able to provide all that Minot, ND has to offer in this short summary, I will continue to share what Minot, ND has to offer in the form of social media with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Minot has many community activities.  You may find my website useful if you are considering purchasing real estate at: www.commericalminot.com or www.residentialminot.com

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