Missed Details Could Mean Money Out of Your Pocket

There are many things to consider when buying a home. Some preliminary considerations may include knowing what mortgage is the best financial choice for your budget. Other considerations are the size of the house or if the location is ideal for you. Having an inspector examine the house is one great way to know if this house has any major issues. An inspector is normally hired after the offer is submitted as a contingency that may not include a lot of other items an inspector would note in the inspection process. There is a long list of questions and concerns a person may have to make when considering buying a home no matter if the home is newer or older.   The list below may help to identify other major details that could cost you if you miss noticing them before you submit an offer.

Consider examining the following items before you submit an offer:

  1. Does the house have a deck already attached or will you be responsible for building a deck? If not, ask for the Contractor or Seller to build one or offset the difference in your offer.
  2. If there is an area for a patio and the concrete was not in place, will you the Buyer/future homeowner, be responsible to have the patio installed?
  3. Does the house have gutters and downspouts? Not all homes, particularly new homes, guaranty that they will be outfitted with gutters and downspouts.
  4. Does the house come with all appliances in place? Make sure that you know if it has an open space, that it will be there before the house is scheduled to close.
  5. Particularly in new developments, ensure that the sidewalk was already installed or is not majorly damaged/lifting or raised. Check with the city if having a sidewalk is a requirement for each homeowner.
  6. Are there what the assessor’s office refers to as “Special Assessments” that will be the homeowner’s responsibility to pay in addition to the property taxes owed each year?
  7. Ensure the garage doors are remotely controlled and have remotes available for each overhead door.
  8. Is the property properly landscaped/graded allowing water to run away from the property and will the house come fully seeded or sodded with grass? This is not always a part of the agreement and could cost you a hefty amount down the road.
  9. If a floor drain or heating in the garage is important to you, you should make sure that the home has a floor drain and/or heating in the garage.

This is a small list of items that may end up being very costly if you don’t consider prior to making the offer. It’s always best to get these points settled so that you can be prepared to offer a fair number based upon how much that you may eventually, or immediately after closing, will have to invest into the property.

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