Moving Time- Helpful Travel and Arrival Tips

Moving across the country can be a stressful process.  From changing addresses, preparing your family members, pets and items for the move while driving many hours, to selecting places to sleep along the way or finding food, no matter what, you are bound to run into a few challenges. Below are some helpful tips to consider while traveling and arriving to your new location. 

Before the trip:

Scout out the area before you move. Ask the area Chamber of Commerce to send you a package for the area that has local housing and accommodations. Find a local Real Estate agent to assist you in locating a place to live or acquire a list of hotels or apartments and decide your best strategy. Preparing in advance will make a world of difference for the entire family when you arrive. 

Travel tip #1: Boredom on the Ride Over: Consider, if you have younger children, wrapping up toys, whether new or old, it’s a great way to reinvigorate the children. This provides them something to look forward to during the duration of the trip, making it fun for them. Also as a family, participate in games like “I Spy” and “Simon Says, it’ll help to pass the time. Download programs for the children to play on their portable device or have portable DVD player with DVD’s that they have not seen before. Make sure that you have the ability to charge your electronics with the vehicle.

Travel Tip #2: Plan your hotel stays. When considering a hotel, settle on an area that has a nice restaurant or activity nearby. You may be tired after a long day of driving and trying to locate a hotel or restaurant on the go would make for an even longer day. Maybe you’ll want to settle at a hotel that has a pool or hot tub to relax in the end of the day. If travelling with a pet remember to pick hotels that accommodate pets.

Travel Tip #3: The basic essentials. Have a box prepared that contains: a folder of important documents (Social Security Cards, moving receipts, printout of hotel papers), maps, a first aid kit, roll of toilet paper, lawn chairs, a pan or portable electric grill, plates, drinking glasses, eating utensils, coffee maker and a blow up bed or two, just in case you arrive to your new destination without furniture.

One last, and very important thing to consider! Enjoy the trip as you travel across country, looking for national parks and recreation areas that will provide the entire family a break from driving and provides a renewed understanding in nature and environment. 

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