Inspiration in Others


As this year ends, I take inventory of the year’s journey and examine the ups and downs along with good and bad experiences. Life is a journey; only we can determine how we perceive the world remembering that we don’t always know where the path of life will lead. 

I think about how many friends have passed away over the last year, reflecting not on death itself, but what each person meant to me and to those whose lives they’ve touched. Sometimes we don’t realize how they touched others, because for one reason or another, we never were afforded perspective or may not have paid attention when opportunity revealed itself. It isn’t necessary to place blame on ourselves or anyone else, for not realizing how these very important people impacted the world around them. We are not, however, excused from seeking opportunity through learning more about those around us. Think about one person living and one person who has passed away and reflect on what they have done that you consider inspiring. It is in this same manner that I plan to examine this world of ours from another perspective, seeking a positive attitude and being more patient by listening to others rather than just sharing what we think they want to hear.

The world in which we live, has enough negativity, because for some reason, it is easier to see pain rather than to experience joy. One goal for my future journey will be to listen more to people around me and enjoy the person and the moment right in front of me. I am fortunate, as a real estate professional, to be presented an opportunity to explore life by listening and experiencing life through those whom I assist in my daily practice. There is so much more to life when you allow it to live. 

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