Blogging about North Dakota Real Estate

Blogging about North Dakota Real Estate

Real Estate, in any market, has experienced its ups and downs throughout history. In some instances, we can predict fluctuation in the real estate environment, whereas in other instances the market can be very unpredictable. History has consistently demonstrated that change can and will happen in real estate. Many times perceptions of real estate markets are made based upon assumptions. I am sure that many are aware of the reference applied to the word assume. It is my intention to help present a non-biased unassuming representation of the market in Minot, and across the state of North Dakota. It is my hope that by presenting facts and providing clear examples of current trends and patterns, rather than providing assumptions, these examples will help the reader understand real estate in North Dakota better.

I feel qualified to provide information to you as a veteran professional who has experienced real estate from the perspective of a residential home salesperson, commercial and residential property supervisor/ manager/ leasing specialist and sales. My extensive training in real estate and other related fields, education and experience have helped to shape the professional I am today. Please enjoy my monthly reports and feel free to comment on the topics. Learning is a two-way street and I value your comments.

Thank you for joining me for this great adventure in North Dakota Real Estate.

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